McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA has opened the Gates to These New Businesses

Mcknight Road New BusinessAccording to the Business experts – the McKnight Road Business area in Ross continues to develop. Apparently, the McKnight Road in Pittsburg, PA has opened the gates to several new businesses.

The Commissioner Steve Korbel said that that the first businesses planned are National Bank and the restaurant Chick-fil-A at the former Baierl KIA site in the township. Baierl relocated its KIA dealership last year to Pine.


The next business planned is DriveTime, a popular car retailer. This Company plans to open its first location (Western Pennsylvania location) on the site of the former McCrackin Ford, located on McKnight Road, and another company or Verizon Wireless have plans to move from its present site to a new one. Apparently Verizon Wireless needs a larger store across the road.

The DriveTime Company based in Phoenix hopes to open this new location on McKnight Road at the end of the year, according to Matt Lucuriaga. He said on behalf of DriveTime that they want to locate their new company to nearly a 27,000 square-foot building and employ 12 to 15 people. This company presently operates 136 dealerships in 26 states. As Lucuriaga said, an inspection station will be added to the Ross dealership once the company is open, which will provide a job opportunity for new 24 people.

The Verizon Wireless business will be location at a small portion of the McCrackin Ford property as well. As Korbel said – Verizon Wireless outgrew their present location and the biggest problem is that customers have a difficult time getting in and out of the property. Relocating is the best option.

All the business projects are being managed by LRC Realty of Akron. Apparently, LRC officials contacted the township about the Northway Mall business project (a retail complex that will contain a Nordstrom Rack and other stores) as they had an interest in making new investments in this area.

Craig Linner (A representative of Ross Township Business and Economic Development Corp.) said, “This is a positive thing for the town and if other companies see what LRC are doing, they probably will want to consider developing their businesses in Ross as well.”

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